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Putting the Pedal to the Metal: How UpGrow Marketing Helped Matt's Automotive Service Center Race Ahead of the Competition

Client Overview

Matt’s Automotive Service Center is a local family-owned automotive repair shop that provides top-quality services to its customers. The company had a goal to dominate its local, automotive target market, but their challenge was that they were not showing up as a top result in search engines. They wanted to partner with an agency that could help grow their sales and obtain the SEO results they were looking for.


The main challenge for Matt’s Automotive Service Center was to increase their online visibility and rank higher in search engine results. The company needed to improve their website’s SEO strategies to increase traffic and sales.


UpGrow Marketing developed an SEO strategy that consisted of both internal and external web changes to effectively reach Matt’s Automotive Service Center’s goals. The first step was to clean up some citation consistency issues, which involved ensuring that the company’s information was consistent across all directories and websites.

Next, the agency optimized website elements such as title tags, meta descriptions, and header tags to make the website more search engine friendly. They also made various web structure changes and conducted site speed improvements to improve the user experience and search engine ranking.

Additionally, UpGrow Marketing issued and fixed some tracking issues and tweaked other design elements for optimal results.


The overall success of the SEO campaign was staggering, resulting in a 475% increase in organic web traffic. The website also became the top page in search engine results for top keywords, which helped Matt’s Automotive Service Center dominate their local automotive target market.

How We Helped Them

UpGrow Marketing provided Matt’s Automotive Service Center with a comprehensive SEO strategy that addressed their main challenge of increasing online visibility and sales. The agency identified the areas that needed improvement and implemented effective solutions to enhance the website’s search engine ranking and user experience.

Moreover, UpGrow Marketing provided ongoing support and optimization to ensure the continued success of the SEO campaign. The results speak for themselves, as Matt’s Automotive Service Center experienced a significant increase in organic web traffic and became the top page in search engine results for top keywords, ultimately helping them to achieve their business goals.

Strong growth

Let the numbers talk!


Page in search engines results


Increase in organic web traffic


Page for top in search engine for top keywords