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Tracking Success: Discover Which Goals Are Available in Google Analytics

Tracking Success: Discover Which Goals Are Available in Google Analytics

If you are a website owner or a digital marketer, you will be familiar with Google Analytics, an incredible tool. With a vast range of metrics related to your website performance, Google Analytics helps grow your business effectively. With this tool’s most advanced analytic feature, you can get essential and valuable insights into your website performance. You can set several goals in google analytics to gain the desired results. The question is, ‘Which goals are available in google analytics’? Various types of goals are available for the website owner to get real-time insights into their website. 

People new to google analytics will not know about the availability of setup of certain goals. Each of the available goals in google analytics is different in terms of performance from the other. These goals are beneficial for tracking the visitors’ behaviors on your website. You can improve and boost the performance of your website by observing the insights provided by google analytics. 

In this article, we will talk about what Google Analytics is and the working nature of this tool. Moreover, we will discuss the google analytics goals setup and provide you with the ultimate guide about which goals are available in google analytics. And then, we will make a comprehensive view of how these goals effectively boost hr conversion rate and engagement and track visitor behavior to enhance the performance of your website. 

What Is Google Analytics and How Does It Work?

Google Analytics is a wonderful tool for website owners and digital marketers to track their website performance. Google powers Google Analytics to help website owners to get valuable insights into their website’s overall performance. One can improve their website engagement and ROI by analyzing the insights provided by google analytics. 

It shows the visitor’s behavior and interaction with your website and helps you by providing the data that you can use to enhance the interest and engagement of your visitors. Google Analytics offers different metrics about website performance. The working of google analytics is very simple, you have to place the google analytics tracking code on the website, and the rest of the things will be done by google analytics for you. 

Google Analytics collects the insight data of the website like the; 

  • Overall User behavior
  • Number of visitors
  • How many pages do the visitors visit
  • How much time is spent by the visitors on the site? 
  • Last but not least, whether they perform any actions or not by clicking on a button or filling a form or any activity you want to accomplish by them. 

After collecting the data and their analysis, google analytics generates a report or different metrics based on visitor behavior.

The metrics reported by google analytics comprise the following reports;

  1. First of all, google analytics shows the audience report. It shows the visitor’s interest and behavior regarding the website. 
  1. Google Analytics shows the acquisition behavior, like from which source the visitor approached the website. It comes from organic searches, PPC campaigns, social media searches, or other sources. 
  1. Then google analytics shows the visitor behavior report on how they interact with the website. It shows which of the pages of your website is most engaging for the visitors. How much time is spent by the visitor on a certain page, and who are the repeat visitors? 
  1. Google Analytics also shows the completion of certain goals set by the website owner, like purchasing an item, buying a service, etc. 
  1. This tool allows website owners to track the accomplishment of their certain goals, such as sales and ROI. 
  1. Google Analytics provides insight data of the website and enables the owners to make their online presence more effective and fruitful. 

A Comprehensive View of Which Goals Are Available in Google Analytics and an Ultimate Guide to Google Analytics Goals Setup:

What Are the Goals of Google Analytics?

As the name indicates, ‘goals’ are the specific aims one wants to achieve to achieve the desired results. Same in the case of google analytics, goals are the certain aims set by the website owner that is fulfilled by the user-specific interactions. The ‘user-specific interaction’ means a specific action (like buying something or fulfilling a forum) taken by the visitor that generates a conversion for the website owner.  

These goals are set to measure the performance of achieving their objectives. The purpose of google analytics helps the website owner to understand the effectiveness of different PPC campaigns and channels. There are other goals that one can set in google analytics to track the performance of their website. Some common goals in google analytics are destination goals, duration goals, pages/screen per session goals, and event goals.

Discover the Top Goals Available in Google Analytics for Your Business

Google Analytics offers several goals that can add value to your business. You can track the insights of your website performance with the help of google analytics goals set up. When setting up a specific action as a goal in Google Analytics, ensure that you choose the correct goal for configuration. Google Analytics utilizes each goal differently to track particular activities on your website. Here are the different types of goals available in google analytics. We will discuss these goals one by one based on their functionality and value; 

Destination Goal

The destination goal is set to track the user landing on a specific page of your website. This goal is used to track the visitors whether they have visited a particular page or not. You can track the user’s interaction with the pages of your website that are important for your business (Product pages etc). The destination goal is also known as the URL destination goal. This type of goal is suitable for the sale pages, download pages, etc., to track people’s activity, whether they make a purchase or not.  

Duration Goals 

The duration goal is used to track the visitor’s time spent on your website’s main pages. This goal setup in google analytics is very beneficial to ensure user engagement on your website. The duration goal triggers when a visitor spends a specific time on your website pages. When a user spends a good amount of time on your website, it indicates their interest in your content. And as a result, it generates conversions. 

Pages/Screen Per Session Goals

This goal tracks the user’s visit to a specific number of pages. The pages/screen per session goals gives us the metrics about a visitor in a single session. This goal is similar to the duration goal. The difference between a duration goal and a page-per-session goal is the time spent on the website and the number of visitors visited, respectively. 

Events Goals 

The event goal tracks the user’s action toward a specific set goal of the website to increase conversions. This goal is fulfilled when a visitor enters your website and performs a certain desired action. It can be pressing a button, making a purchase, buying a service, filling out a form, watching a video, or making a download, etc. on your website. The event goal is beneficial to track the conversion and ROI for your online business effectively. 

Smart Goals

Google Analytics utilizes Smart goals to track the overall performance of your website. You should set these goals to follow the metrics performance and determine which goals are necessary. The smart goals generally use the machine algorithm of Google to provide the metrics of the overall position of your site. These goals are also very beneficial to identify the high-quality visit of a user, which means the user buys something from your online platform. In short, smart goals are not specific goals, but these goals are used to track the general overview of the website’s performance.

User Engagement Goals 

The engagement goals are set to improve the overall user experience with your website. These goals provide insights into user behavior with your site. By analyzing these metrics, you can improve your website’s overall user experience and engagement.  

Conversion Rate Goals

As the name indicates, these goals track the ROI or conversion from your website. These goals track the percentage of users who purchase or buy a subscription by performing a specific action. One can use these goals to measure the credibility of your website in generating the conversion based on your content. By analyzing the conversion rate metrics of your website, you can work on your content flaws. You can improve your overall user experience by working on the areas that need improvement. 

Final Verdict

With amazing features, Google Analytics provides you the facility to track insights into the performance of your website. You can measure the success rate of your website by setting certain goals in google analytics. With various google analytics goal setup options, website owners can track visitor behavior. It helps monitor the purposes like clicks, page visits, engagement of the visitor, and conversions. After observing the insight of your website, you can improve your flaws regarding performance.

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